project priscilla 2016

Project Priscilla is women’s wear collection about joy, beauty, self-space, memories, interiors, nostalgia and about meeting requirements to look elegant and grown up and not at the same time. Flowers in their perfection, way how to transfer them to the clothes and material experiments are important elements of the collection. In the collection the Roses grows through the garments, exempts from the fabrics and extends into space. Each garment appears like individual object, but still fulfil the essential requirement for clothes, to protect. Knitted fabric has been made especially for each piece, with different structures and quality. Soft foam material covered with shimmering knitted fabric, gives the wearer a sense of security and provides a pleasant beautiful interior in the hostile environment of urban exteriors. You are in the rush of the city and at the same moment you feel like at home sitting on your cosy sofa. Each outfit can be both, safe self-interior and extravagant exterior. Allows to the wearer to be observed and observe by himself too. My flower is the rose.